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Marín y Marín

Marín y Marín Mezcal came to life when brothers Enrique and Arcadio Marín were driven by the urge to know all there is to know about the ancestral legacy of mezcal, exploring every corner of the state of Oaxaca. It was in the region of the Sierra Sur where they found the convergence of tradition and mysticism with maestro mezcalero craftsman Raúl Parada. Together, in the quest for a spirit that recaptured the original mezcal-making tradition and after years of refinement, they arrived at what they catalogue as a “signature drink”: a completely artisanal premium mezcal, 100% handcrafted, organic, free of additives, mellow to the palate, but with the rich flavor and respect that the distilled agave deserves.

As apprentices of maestro Parada, and working together with the community of San Carlos Yautepec, harvesters of the Espadín agave, Marín y Marín Mezcal is today a socially responsible producer, 100% committed to fair trade, respecting every individual in the production chain.

In addition to the traditional distillation of Espadín, Marín y Marín Mezcal produces a limited number of mezcals crafted from wild agaves, difficult to harvest, to create special editions.

Unlike commercial brands, Marín y Marín Mezcal has an alcohol content of 44% made without any additives in the production process, which yields the earthy notes typical of pure mezcal. In keeping with the artisanal character of production, all bottles are numbered and signed.

The image of Marín y Marín Mezcal, visually inspired by the Prohibition era in the United States and old “bootleg” liquors, was created by the multifaceted illustrator and artist Aurora Ares. We also have a special edition line with labels designed by emerging artists. Thus, the company serves as a platform to spread awareness of Mexican talent in different areas of the visual arts.

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